Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nicole Izmaylov to Interview with Cynthia Brian

Cynthia Brian. "The Oprah of the Airways" will be interviewing FutureWord's prodigy author, Nicole Izmaylov in a short radio interview tomorrow, Thursday, March 18th, from 6:37-6:45pm ET on that internationally syndicated radio show, Starstyle-Be the Star You Are!

The invitation came from Cynthia Brian in an email to Nicole Izmaylov, who immediately sent me the exciting news!

I could tell from Nicole's email that she was enthusiastic and flattered by the invitation. Most of all though, she loves to talk about writing and her book, Ronnie and BB is just a beginning for her writing career.

Cynthia Brian, a TV and radio personality and author of motivational books, including Be The Star You Are was enamored by the amiable wit,kindness and intelligence of the 13 year-old debut author and sent her the invitation.

I know from experience that this young author has a brilliant intellect and no question can put her on the spot.Nicole submitted her first manuscript to FutureWord in July of last year. When she was told that FutureWord needed acrostic poetry, she came up with the work in just a matter of minutes and emailed it straight back to us.

Normally publishers post what they are looking for in the Writer's Market and experienced writers and authors check that reference to see if they can write what the publishers want. Does this author have what it takes? I would say, give her an assignment and she'll love the challenge. Instead of turning away and pouting that her story was not acrostic, she set to work to MAKE IT HAPPEN! So, as a publisher, would you reject that manuscript?

Neither did FutureWord and the challenge was more than moderate. Nicole has now received written notification that she has been nominated for the Author of the Year (GAYA) award and plans to attend that event in June this year.

Click Starstyle-Be the Star You Are! for the link or you can go to

Cynthis Brian is also a philanthropist who dedicates time promoting charities while leading others to be the best they can be.

I have listed contact information for Cynthia below. I plan to be there!

Starstyle-Be the Star You Are!® Radio
925-377-STAR (7827)

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